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Traceability Media

Traceability starts with media or the printing of marks and codes directly onto your product or it's packaging so items can be tracked through internal production flows and the supply chain. Common examples are date codes, batch numbers, barcodes and branding.

We carefully select our printers based on the reliability of the underlying marking technology and the flexibility to encode a wide range of data for both human and machine reading so our customers are proofed for today's production as well as future requirements.

We understand the importance of providing you controls to ensure that the print is right every time so our printers include smart technologies to help you achieve truth-of-labelling.

In addition to printing equipment we supply consumables, data capture technologies and software integration which is all backed up by our service support and expertise. With Panther on your side you are assured of years of hassle free printing that meets compliance standards and provides full traceability.

Panther's founding partners have a combined experience in traceability of more than 25 years and are known for developing and introducing innovative traceability solutions and technologies some of which have been adopted as industry best practice.

If you would like work with a powerful and lean traceability media company with instinctive tracking skills then we are the team to rely on.

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