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Our high resolution printers can print up to a resolution of 600dpi which produces print so good you wont believe your eyes. With no top up fluid, no service and no lengthy start-up and shut-down procedures they are the most cost effective way to print onto porous,
semi-porous and non-porous substrates.

SoJet Elfin IH

The Elfin IH is a lightweight and easy to use high resolution hand held inkjet printer.  

The Elfin IH features:

• Lightweight 1.18kg
• 300DPI print resolution
• Up to 12.7mm print height
• Comes with 2 batteries, capable of 6 hours continuous printing time
• Capable of printing barcodes
• 5inch colour touch screen

SoJet E1s

The E1s delivers ease-of-use and intuitive operation in a small footprint. It’s a perfect & cost effective solution for various date coding and marking applications of different industries. This little printer can tackle most coding projects.

Single head printing 1 - 12.7mm print height

High resolution up to 600DPI

60m/min print speed (300DPI)

5" LCD touch screen

• Easy to use on board message creation

SoJet Elfin II

The Elfin II is a reliable and robust dual print head printer for variable data print on a wide range of substrates.

The Elfin II features:

• 7” LCD touch screen 
• Capability to print variable bar-code 
• High resolution up to 600DPI
• Up to two print heads can be connected for a combined print width of 25.4mm
• Remote control by PO software
• Auto detect ink volume

SoJet Elfin VI

The Elfin VI is a high resolution printer capable of controlling up to 6 printheads.  Used in a stitched formation to achieve a print height of 76mm or installed as separated print heads for multi lane/product coding.

The Elfin VI features:

• 7" LCD touch screen
• 50 - 600DPI Print resolution
• Capability to print variable bar-code
• 60m/min print speed (300DPI)
• Automatic measuring system for the usage of the ink

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