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Our CIJ printers incorporate a unique dual pump hydraulic system (Force and Vacuum) which dramatically reduces solvent evaporation and provides full reclaim of solvent during the automated start-up and shut-down cycles. To further reduce running costs select models incorporate an innovative vapour condenser which prevents your profits escaping into thin air - which is the case with many competitor offerings - plus all dye based models can be fitted with 50 micron nozzles for higher quality print and greater cost saving.

Z4700 - 4 Line Printer (IP55)

An advanced printer capable of printing up to 4 lines at high speeds.  It's 10inch colour touch screen and on board Orkestra® software make this printer easy to use and suitable for most production lines.

Character height range: 0.8mm to 12mm
Maximum print speed: 400m/min.

IP Rating: IP55

Conduit Length: 2m or 4m

Z5700 - 5 Line Printer (IP65)

Reliable and efficient in many different applications, the system limits management and maintenance costs. The technologically advanced hydraulic system and the automatic printhead washing guarantee an easy and quick start up even after long production stops, allowing to keep high quality standards and working process continuity.

Character height range: 0.8mm to 14mm
Maximum print speed: 400m/min.
IP Rating: IP65
Conduit Length: 2m or 4m

Zanasi_CIJ Z_ByPanther_02.jpeg
CIJ.Z Modular Printer NEW!

The latest in CIJ printing from Zanasi features a printer configurable for today's production demands and abatable to changes in the future.

Large user interface with onboard Orkestra Software provides simple control of the printer while simplifying integration for external devices such as weighing machines.

Smart ink & solvent cartridge system recognises and configures the printer for optimum performance also avoiding costly conversions for when different ink types are required.

The new configurable printhead allows for different print heights and speeds without the costly expense of replacing the printhead, an increase of 56% print speed compared to previous generation models.

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