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For printing batch information and nutritional panels onto flexible packaging it's hard to go past Carl Valentin printers for their ease of use, small size, exceptional cost and a reputation for being bullet proof.

CV FlexiCode_By Panther.png

The ideal marking device when a small amount of information (production date, batch number, barcode) needs to be printed directly onto film in a vertical or horizontal packaging machine. 
Due to its compact design, the Flexicode can also be mounted onto our range of Panther labelling heads providing the perfect solution for small area print & apply.

The Flexicode thermal transfer printer is a low-end budget system, with all important and essential features in place such as continuous & intermittent print modes, ribbon saving and low noise emission.

CV Dynacode_By Panther.jpeg

Perfection in packaging printing - The Dynacode II is equipped with a 7 inch colour touch screen complimented by an easy to use on-board operator system.  Suitable for both intermittent and continuous print applications and available in three different print widths.  300DPI print resolution for clear, crisp printing onto your product.


Dynacode II 53 (Print width 53mm)

Dynacode II 107 (Print width 106.6mm)

Dynacode II 128 (Print width 128mm)


CV Dynacode II IP_By Panther.png

The splash-proof version of the Dynacode offers additional protection in harsh production environments. The optionally available version does not require bulky or bothersome covers to protect the device, as neither print module nor control unit be dismounted or covered during the cleaning process. 
The cleaning cassette necessary for this can simply replace the ribbon cassette within seconds. The splash-proof Dynacode version is ideally suited for marking hygienic products and for printing in production environments where wet cleaning is required, such as in dairies or coffee roasting plants.

CV DPM_By Panther.jpeg

The new DPM IV is sure to impress with its up-to-date design. The control unit of the
DPM IV features an intuitive user interface with icon buttons and a 7“ colour touch-screen display with preview for verifying the layout.

The DPM IV also delivers high quality marking on flexible packaging while keeping operating costs low.

Dynacode IV 53 (Print width 53mm)

Dynacode IV 107 (Print width 106.6mm)

Dynacode IV 128 (Print width 128mm)

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