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​We are pleased to congratulate Dunlop Flooring Limited on recently achieving the Australian Standard for their superb range of underlay products which are manufactured at their Avondale plant.

Meeting the standard relies on excellence in many areas but Graeme Christie, Production Manager, is quick to say that proving that the plant had a faultless and comprehensive traceability system was critical to their successful application.

And this is where Panther impressed because we track every operator induced and system event via ethernet enabled field devices and store this data for later retrieval which is easily done by inputting reference codes that we command to be printed onto the product itself and the label.

With a custom written data-player and reporting layer Dunlop can quickly establish exactly what was happening in the three critical manufacturing processes for each product as well as the physical dimensions at each stage. Thanks to Panther, Graeme was able to demonstrate just how comprehensive the system is to the sound of boxes being ticked by the auditors.

For the full case study or more information about our traceability capabilites please contact us.


Making the Grade

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