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With a superior hydraulic design that provides incredibly low running costs Zanasi continuous ink jet printers offer customers the ability to make their mark without seeing their profits evaporate into thin air which is the case with many rival CIJ printers.

Zanasi printers are different because they incorporate two electrically operated pumps to generate force and vacuum. This means that the gutter suction is independently controlled which drastically reduces solvent evaporation of the continuous jet. This unique design also gives full reclaim of solvent during the automated double-flush start and shutdown cycles.

Zanasi go even further and incorporate a solvent condenser as standard on the Z4700 model to re-claim any remaining solvent vapours and preventing them escaping to atmosphere.

With service intervals out to 18 months and full maintenance procedures supplied with each printer customers may elect to in-source routine servicing which greatly reduces operating cost, especially in remote areas.

Having celebrated their 35th anniversary Zanasi are a proudly independent Italian company with a huge commitment to research and development. This is most evident with their innovative ink formulations which includes FDA approved edible inks and a patented bio-degradeable ink.

The bottom line is that Zanasi printers are very competitively priced and will save you money at purchase time and over the long operational life.

ZANASI - Make your Mark

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