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Zanasi Continuous Ink Jet Printers

Make your Mark

Innovative hydraulic system saves money by drastically reducing solvent evaporation rates. 

Condenser fitted to Z4500 and Z5000 models to re-claim solvent vapour and prevent gassing out to atmosphere.

Robust hermetically sealed yet serviceable printhead for long life and heavy duty use.

Wide range of inks including bio-degradeable, FDA approved edible inks, and high contrast pigmented inks.

Multiple stage alarm outputs for driving three stage alarm beacons and proper interlocking with host machine. 

Special software algorithm to print onto flat, curved and irregular packaging while maintaining high quality print.

Can be ordered with a 50 micron nozzle to increase print quality and further reduce running costs.

Available as a complete traversing solution without the need for external components like PLC's & power supplies.

18 month or 4000 hour service interval requiring simple filters to be replaced. No expensive core modules.

Supplied with full maintenance procedures for customers who wish to in-source servicing.

Features at a glance

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