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​We are currently in the process of loading our range of Thermal Printing Films into our online store and will be offering:

  • Flat-head films for use with many popular label printers.
  • Near-edge films for use with flexible packaging (TTO) printers.

We're working hard to make sure that the selection of our films is easy to use and mistake-free so you'll be able to select based on your exact model of printer without having to worry about all the trade-talk.

We've completed most of the ground work and have a scheduled launch date of May 1st. So please check in with us again then or follow us on Twitter and be the first to know when New Zealand has access to world-leading printing film at industry-leading prices.

If you are within New Zealand and simply can't wait please contact us now and we'll free-ship you a sample roll for evaluation* as well as the opportunity to pre-order before public availability.

* One roll per customer. Subject to availability.

Printer Care Products

​We're also pleased to announce that we will be providing a full range of printer care products too!

In addition to the anti-static PrintheadSaver technology available with all of our ribbons we want you to have the right cleaning products to maintain print image quality and extend the life of your print heads and platen rollers.

Thermal Printing Films

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