Compact, modular and servo driven the HERMA 400 automatic label applicator has unparalleled versatility due to a well thought out modular design with the same servo module at the core of all configurations. Using the HERMA software tool we can work alongside you to develop a labeller to your exact requirements with absolutely no compromises in less than thirty minutes, and then deliver within a week. Watch the video below to see how flexible the HERMA 400 is or scroll down for our favourite configurations.

Android App

If the control panel is in a difficult to access location or if you just like the idea of remote control and monitoring then download the free app here.

Fitted with a special unwinder to keep a constant tension at the peel bar for accurate label peel and placement and a motorised re-winder both of which are fitted with ergonomic twist handles on the mandrels.

With a simple threading path label changes are simple and quick but to reduce the number of changes the 400mm unwinder provides a whopping 183% more labels than 300mm which is the difference between 1500 labels on a roll and 2745.

Dispensing speeds up to 40m/min. 


Fitted with a motorised unwinder that is independently controlled from the motorised rewinder this labeller can accept 500mm outside diameter label rolls which is a staggering 289% increase in labels on a roll compared to 300mm outside diameter.

Now incorporating the "diamond bar" this labeller is capable of labelling up to 80m/min but with the inclusion of a powered loop unwinder (pictured) the top speed goes off the charts at 150m/min while maintaining absolute precision.


When integrating into a rotary system space and precise angular control become the major considerations and the super-versatile Herma 400 platform is up to the task.

This variant of the Herma 400 is incorporated in all rotary labellers designed and manufactured by K2 and is available for retro-fitting to any existing rotary platform with dispensing speeds up to 150m/min with automatic speed following of the rotary labeller as well as RS485 communication to the host.