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The products in this section are on permanent display at our Auckland showroom and are available for viewing by appointment or we can come to you and provide a free on-site demonstration.

The Sauven 500 is the little printer with a huge feature set and is designed for low cost batch, date, barcode and branding print onto boxes.


​With 18mm high print at 180dpi you are assured of crisp, bold printing that can be read from large distances. With the ability to print outline fonts large text can be printed with minimal ink usage.

​Supplied with free user-friendly design software, brackets, product detectors, local alarm beacon and interface options to do much more.


Our best selling high resolution printer that can print onto almost any substrate due to wide range of inks including: oil based, fast dry, pigmented and UV curable. Ideally suited to primary packaging, boxes, paper sacks, plastic extrusion and metals.


The Sauven 1000 controller can be installed up to 10m away from the print heads and can host up to four 17mm high printheads working independantly or together to render 180dpi print that is perfect every time due to the unique shutter mechanism which protects the nozzle plate from the environment.


High performance labelling without a high price tag is what the Herma 400 offers. With its unique modular design and a servo drive at the core you are assured of position perfect labelling over a long and trouble free service life. 


Save time! Save money!

50mm or 70mm high printing and no more need for expensive labels.

Use the Sauven 7000 for high resolution printing directly onto cartons, trays, sacks or other products on a production line to eliminate the need for costly pre-printed packaging or expensive labels. Short batch runs and customer requirements for personalised text, graphics and bar codes are easily achieved.

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